1. Where Do You Source Your Parts From?

We get our runners from a variety of places, such as scratch and dent sales, retail returns, and online auctions. All runners come from ONLY genuine Bandai kits.        

2. How Do You Price Your Inventory?

Our Prices are based on Bandai's full runner price lists, converted from Yen to USD. Full runners are available primarily for MG, Ver. Ka, P Bandai, and PG kits. HG and RG kits are $2 per piece, and standard MG kits are $2.50 per piece.

3. Why are some kits available as full runners and others by single piece?

Many of the HG and RG runners on Bandai's price guide cost in excess of 50% of new retail for the respective kit. We felt making these parts available individually was a more cost effective option for our customers. If you would like a quote for a full runner of a kit we have posted for single pieces, feel free to email us.

4. Do you have (Insert Kit Here) in stock, or can you get it?

 We are always expanding inventory to meet demand. If there's a kit, runner, or piece you're looking for that you don't see posted, please send us an email. We do our best to keep inventory up to date. That said, we are more than happy to scout and stock new product.

5. How Do You Send Out Single Pieces?

We carefully remove individual piece from the runner leaving as much of the runner connection intact as possible to allow buyers to clip, file, and sand as they see fit.

6. Are there any lines/product types you won't carry?

At this time, we have no plans to carry 3rd party or limited kits, including Premium Bandai releases. Additionally, we do not and will not offer complete, New In Box kits.

7. I made an order, but found the part I thought was lost. What can I do?

So long as your order has not shipped, send a message using the contact form, including your email and order number. Your order can be cancelled only before shipping, and with no restock fee.

8. I got my order, but it's missing parts or I go the wrong parts. What can I do?

If it has been no more than 30 days from the date of delivery, please contact us directly using the contact form. Once we verify the inventory discrepancy, we will pack and send out the corrected parts within 1-2 business days. Generally, in the event of incorrect parts being sent, we will not ask for those parts back.